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normally 250 on sale for 150 need funds for servers

just a few features
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I keep getting asked about EG money Ive made posts sent pms now Im making a sticky

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Whats good EG
A while back I posted about having liver issues, I got some great advise on here. As of today i feel better haven't had a chance to run test updates but will soon.
The issue I'm having now is every time I start lifting heavier weight (ANYTHING OVER 450 LBS) I feel like my liver start to hurt but its only for a brief moment then it goes back to normal.
Has any one ever has this issue? If so how can I improve it?
Hi GorillaPharm,

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whats up fellas its been awhile. fell on some hard times the last year and forced me to relocate states and switch jobs but things are slowly but surely coming back together. but anyway i'm back baby and just thought i'd let some of yall know. keep movin them weights boys.
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Hi Dallas Rogan,

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How many of you have family on gear too?

My brother does TRT but the rest of them nothing. Think my uncle did years ago, but he's a recluse so no idea.
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