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Kevin Lee will take on Tony Ferguson with the interim lightweight belt on the line this Saturday at UFC 216. A Las Vegas local, Lee has taken advantage of the new UFC Perfomance Institute, a facility that has grown increasingly popular with the fighters since it first opened its doors back in May.A 30,000 square foot mega-structure, the Performance Institute is home to not only the most cutting edge training facilities and coaching, but is crafted for the precise needs of MMA fighters, from nutrition and sports science, to weight-cutting and hydration.For his part Kevin Lee believes that ... Read the Full Article Here

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Ian Spanier

Look at this guy, George Brown. Check out those abs. He’s just a genetic freak, a men’s physique version of Dexter Jackson. To get a midsection that great, he probably doesn’t even train abs—they just come naturally for him, right?


Brown has been hammering his abs every other day for more than four years now. And the virtually flawless six-pack you see here is the fruit of that labor.

“Some people might think I don’t have to work hard for my abs and that they just come easy, but that’s not the case,” says the 36-year-old from Columbus, OH. “You still have to work for them. You have to have a good diet, and you still have to hit them in the gym. I may have some genes working with me, but I put in the same amount of work, if not more, as the next person. You can have all the talent in the world, but if you don’t put it to use, the person who wants it more will outwork you every single time.”

Brown’s hard-earned, crazy-chiseled six-pack went a long way in helping him become a major player in the IFBB Men’s Physique division, in which a razor-sharp midsection is a prerequisite to being competitive. Brown hits abs for 20 to 25 minutes three to four days a week. Every ab routine is different in terms of exercise selection, but one constant in his training is high-rep sets, typically in the 30-plus-rep range. Another key variable is persistence.

“I had to work up to high reps,” Brown says. “It’s taken me four years, and I’m still trying to perfect my reps. I just want quality reps. So if you have to start out at 10 reps, make sure it’s the perfect 10. You’ve got to leave your pride at the door, because eventually you’ll be doing numbers you never thought you would.”

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Ian Spanier


Sit sideways on a at bench, lean your...
Per Bernal


Starting with his first show in 2003, he’s 17-7, and he’s finished atop the bodybuilding world at the last seven Mr. Olympias. He’s won so much this decade it’s hard to remember him ever losing. But no one is a born winner. Success is a mindset that needs to be learned, practiced, and perfected. Phil Heath tells you how he did that and does that. These are not just lessons for bodybuilding success. Together, they’re a winning strategy for everything.


Things came easily for Heath at first. In his only loss in the NPC, he still won his class. He turned pro on his singular try at the 2005 USA and then won his initial two pro shows in 2006. But he was still just a puppy—if a really good one. At 5'9", he could’ve competed in the 212 division—if there had been one. He was winning with shape and conditioning, but he was undersized, and that was exposed in 2007 at the Arnold Classic. “On this bigger stage, the 27-year-old simply didn’t have enough,” I wrote about Heath then, after praising his conditioning as the best in the lineup and before singling out his legs as especially weak. He finished fifth. Afterward, many wondered if he was already maxing out and if he’d ever have enough for the Arnold title, let alone the Olympia.

A little less than a year later, Heath shut up every critic when he stepped onstage at the Ironman Pro at a peeled 230. Bodybuilding, meet your future. For a year, Heath had replayed that humbling Arnold loss and the resulting criticism and used it to fuel his workouts. There was no way he was ever again going to flex weighing less than 225. Every day was focused on his workouts and his meals. He was determined to become a unicorn, that thing they said didn’t exist—the advanced bodybuilder who thoroughly transforms his physique in a single year. He never would’ve done it had he stubbornly stuck to what had already...
Check out exclusive behind-the-scenes content and interviews with Olympia champs.

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Thursday afternoon UFC superstar Conor McGregor tweeted out a trailer for his new movie scheduled to be released this November. Click over to conormcgregorfilm.com to learn more. Witness the unstoppable rise of one of the most iconic stars on the planet. Visit Conor McGregor: Notorious: Home | Universal Studios to find out more. pic.twitter.com/pWJc4zrbdA — Notorious: The Film (@McGregorFilm) October 5, 2017 IN CINEMAS WORLDWIDE THIS NOVEMBER!! https://t.co/yYo3dJ7yHl — Conor McGregor (@TheNotoriousMMA) October 5, 2017 Read the Full Article Here

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Ok seriously... how did Marky Mark, the punk ass wuss, turn into the dude from The Italian Job and Lone Survivor?

I still don't have permission to post a picture after more than 2k posts, but let's see if I can put up a link;

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