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via login. this is a security feature. this helps over ride anyones computer that has auto login turned on, say you login to eg from a friends, a library etc...
Grim if you can integrate this, that would be awesome.

can be done @ eg. This way nobody can guess your pass or find it in email or whatever.

i just tried this feature and it works, it would not let me log in but does give a secure reset by email option just in case.

pretty sweet if you ask me.
Also aka Buck Wild
You can select your own pack. i'm going to as i get time try to add more.

:-[ :-X
This is a website for all your nutritional needs I use it to calculate any type of food im eating. Its good to be able to look over your diet plan to see if your getting enough cals or to many cals.
Hey guys lets get some nice articles posted on this type up training maybe we can get some sticky's created.
Looks like I may have to take it into my own hands, was on trt before strokes, got the test levels of an 80-90 year
old but the endo called and said all my tests are normal, she will not be doing a thing.

How on earth could they consider all my issues plus the extremely low amounts of food I have toeat w/o
gaining a ton of weight 'normal'