Cancun, riviera maya vacation

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mig139, Oct 8, 2017.

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    Hey boys and girls, I'm be going to Cancun in couple weeks, 1st time in México... I usually vacation in Dominican Republic...

    I'm going for 10 days, I usually take some insulin pins and a bottle of Test/Tren with me for a little pick me up. Going to Mexico I can pick up any juice I need at a local pharmacy.. Right?

    Can you guys recommend a brand? Language is not a problem, I just need to know a legit brand to look for....

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    I been going for years. Yes, but they are not like you think. They only carry one or two kind that I have seen. Plus, your not going to the strip. Rivera hotels are set way back and away from anything litterally. You would probably have one pharmacy in the hotel but most likely not carry juice. So you will need to take a taxi or shuttle to the hotel zone and they have a few pharmacies there but they only have one or two kinds of juice. Kind of shitty no selections. They got clen! And muscle relaxers, valum. Unless you have a script be careful bringing stuff over there. I dont think they care bring needle and vial, but controlled substance without script if they find your dead meat. Like I said those big hotels in Rivera are designed to have everything there so you dont have to leave.
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    Great advice from massdig above, however I was surprised to find several pharmacy stands right in the tourist areas, and they had all kinds of great gear. Test, dbol, deca... all right there and cheap as hell. Getting it back into the states is another story however. If it were me I would bring a medical bag like this one; Chill Pack (New)Diabetic/Medication Cooler Travel Case- for Insulin Pen, Syringes, 8 oz. Ice Pack, Blue: Health & Personal Care

    I bring empty used legit test vials, along with my script, and transfer the meds into properly marked bottles. There's no way you'll make it back through with a ton of gear this way, but at least it's something.

    Now if you want to weigh out the risks in transporting controlled substances across the boarder then consider this... I got caught bringing one mango into the states from Mexico. The fine was $250 and I was lucky to catch my flight. They don't F around with stuff.
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    id play it safe and not take or bring back anything, going is easier than coming back but if you get the red light and they find drugs you're going to have real trouble. like Massdid said only way is to go into real mexico, over the bridge down by the cancun sideand this is about an hour drive from riviera maya you might get lucky at the cancun market area but ive only scored weed there, never asked for juice
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    Fuck all that possible drama. It's just 10 days my man. Load a syringe up with long esters and inject before you leave and forget all that nonsense about buying or transporting shit. Don't invite trouble.
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    First Mexico in certain parts is amazing and beautiful I really like it there. I love Puerto Vallarta its a great little hide away. Years ago you could go to place like this and find anything and everything you would want. Now you have to go in to the larger cities, I have found that most of the people there are friendly and not up for ripping you off they are happy just to get paid.
    Just don't stupid shit and go down some strange alley. Especially is your bringing your lady with you!!!!

    Personally I would load up on some TU and TC a few weeks before you go, just to make sure your g2g. Why waste a vacation runing around looking for all that, although its not that hard to find as I stated earlier.
    Enjoy your trip I am sure everything will work out in your favor! :)
    I agree with the others don't bring anything back with you of that nature or you may run into an issue.

    Take some pictures.
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